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Bike-Athlon Un-Official Rules, Classes and Divisions

Bike-Athalon 2023-08-03


  • No e-bikes, gas powered bikes or motor scooters – pedal powered only.
  • All ammo must be carried but firearm must remain unloaded for safety reasons.
  • Firearms should be zeroed and functioning prior to competition – There will be no practice rounds/groups.
  • Options of alternative routes are up to the competitor – if you have a route that gets you there faster, that is an option as long as the same bicycle is ridden/walked/carried.
  • All traffic laws will be in effect as normal and courteous riding is up to the rider. Pacelines/Drafting is allowed/encouraged.
  • Time spent getting range/lane will not be counted as long as it is reasonable short bathroom/water break and to get a lane/targets.
  • Time will be stopped/noted when destination range is reached (bikes are parked)


  • RoadBike/BullseyePistol – Typical run will be road/light gravel and be focused on speed/total time. Generally these runs will be 10-20 miles one way and will be out and back.
  • Mountianbike/Shotgun – will follow same rules but with use of shotguns and mountianbikes. Slugs will be used for indoor ranges and clay stations for shotshell courses.
  • Gravel/Rifle – Gravel bike and Rifle. Rifle has options of shooting 100 yd range. Outdoor events may allow longer yardage rifle courses.
  • Multi-gun: Competitors may choose to pack and run a pistol and rifle at the range. Either gun can be shot first, all other rules are as normal.
  • 3Gun Run – Elite competition that combines Roadbike, Mountainlike and Gravle bike as well as Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. Competitors will have a base that they can stage and transition from each run to the range. Competitors will choose bike and gun for first run as a normal competition. Upon returning, ditch that set of gear, present targets and transition to the next phase and repeat until all 3 bikes and guns are completed. Competitors may choose any combination of bike and gun for any round. After the third round is completed, all scores will be added for the master 3-Gun Run Total.


  • Each competitor will shoot 5 paper targets at 25yds. Each Target should have a group of 10 rounds. Each target will be initialed with time and round # once it is retrieved/finished. Each target group will be measured and multiplied by 10.0 and then added to the travel time.
  • Example: travel time is 52:00 on the first leg and 58:00 on the return leg. 5 groups were shot.
    • Group 1: group size is 5″ – score = 5 * 10 = 50 (lower is better)
    • Group 2: group size is 6″ – score = 6 * 10 = 60
    • Group 3: group size is 7″ – score = 7 * 10 = 70
    • Group 4: group size is 8″ – score = 8 * 10 = 80
    • Group 5: group size is 9″ – score = 9 * 10 = 90
    • Group total: 50 + 60 + 70 + 80 + 90 = 350
  • Total Score: 52.0 + 58.0 + 350 = 460
  • Targets will be shot at 25yds indoor range
  • All rounds must hit paper target or DNF on the shooting portion
  • If a rider fails to make it back to the start/finish line, they will receive DNF for the ride portion but can still be scored for the shooting portion. Ride DNFs are more critical than the range DNF – competitors that finish the ride will be ranked above competitors that have a DNF for the shooting portion and any completed ride-time/total score.

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Bersaglieri History

Bike-Athalon 2023-08-03

I stumbled upon the Bersaglieri by accident while looking up the history of Bianchi, which is no only the first real road bike but also the oldest bicycle company in the world. Bianchi made the first known full suspension bikes for the Bersagleri in the early 1900s.

The Bersaglieri were formed in 1836 to be high mobility light infantry. They were primarily used as skirmishers and shock troops to guard the flanks and harass the flanks of opposing armies. The kingdom of Sardinia could not afford a lot of calvary so they trained these troops to high physical and marksmanship standards to round out their forces.

At one time there were up to 12 battalions of cyclist troops in service. Present day Bersaglieri have other preferred methods of transportation but it is great to look back in history. Click here for Wikipedia information on this historic Italian troop class.

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Bersaglieri Run #02 – 2Gun DONE (Rifle and Pistol)

Bersaglieri 2023-07-12

Having not wanting to waste a good day of riding weather I thought about what to do. Instead of considering a list that was bracketed by limitations (what I can’t do today), I decided to try and breakthrough to (what CAN I do today). Since the roadbike took some abuse and needs repairs the 90’s hardtail Schwinn mountianbike was the chosen steed for today’s challenging run. I was just going to run the Ruger PCC but at the last minute decided to take a pistol and the Glock bag that housed the SAR P8-L in hard Chrome and stuffed it in the backpack – nice to share same ammo. A sly grin emerged as I considered if running a PCC was cheating or just an advantage. But when you are creating an emerging sport and the rules are not yet set in stone, “some things get passed in the name of fast”.

Bersaglieri Run #02: 2Gun

Bike: 1996 Schwinn Homegrown, RockShox Duke air fork 29″ front disk, 26″ rim rear. Brooks Champion Flyer sprung hand hammered copper rivets leather saddle from 2007 and a rockshox suspension seatpost. dual purpose flats/clip pedals. Oury Grips. Old school 8speed XT and triple front chaingring.

Route: over Monte Sano, across town and to the indoor range. Weather was a moderately hot and balmy 85 degrees with mild overcast most of the way. I actually got to the range ahead of schedule and rode around and wasted some time before they opened for the day.

Rifle: Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm (Red White and Blue). Holosun 510C, 11port compensator, QD sling

Pistol: SAR P8-L in stainless Steel. lightened slide, popple holes, CZ Clone, All stock (polished feedramp), slide rides inside the frame. DASA, comes with 2 mags. I carry it sometimes in a shoulder rig. Cheaper than a glock or CZ.

Ammo: 124gn Precision Delta HPs over n320 in lightweight NAAS3 cases. All handmade / not factory

Bag: Old Cheap Tan backpack and an old pair of FatPants (I will no longer use). I took a pair of old fat pants and twisted the legs and folded a cuff to them in order to form some cushioning for the more delicate action ends. Then dis-assembled the rifle and put the action end down one pants leg and the mating action down the other and was just barely able to zip the whole thing up. The buttstock was the longest part having to ride the zipper over it as it rode diagonal in the bag. Total Weight was about 25 lbs (heavy but doable). A previous tear that had formed prior did get noticeably worse. It was in the shoulder/neck area across the back, center seam. Possible repair.

Results: Meh. The pistol shot and felt great, amazing in fact, James Bonds smooth and comfortable. The rubber grip is my fav for carry or mild range session. Fits the hand well. The front sight was a bit tought to see in the dimly lit indoor range with my aging eyes. I shot low at first and adjusted aimpoint to get better hits at 10/15 yds.

Rifle was meh as well as far as groups go. I had previously been shooting this Rifle at 300yds so there was some windage left in it. As I didn’t bring my adjustment tool, I tried to just hold and that did work, but not as well as zeroing in at 25yds. So whatever, but lesson learned. I only picked the zombie because it had the most targets/groups to shoot at that was in stock.

So that concludes Run #02 – 2 Gun DONE… Stick around more to come.

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Bersaglieri Run #01 – Roadbikes and Race Pistols

Bersaglieri 2023-07-11

In my general search for Bianchi bicycle company history, I came across the Bersaglieri. These guys were high movement riflemen in the Italian army. Bianchi eventually created some folding mountianbikes for them and even had front peneumatic and rear suspension. I believe some of the bikes were specially outfitted to carry longer rifles that were used at the time (Carcano?)… anyway, on to today.

My first run was on the roadbike with the Ruger Mk4 based TandemKross Kraken frame, paired with the Maddmaccs XBAR XVI upper in 22LR and a Holosun 510C Greendot.

The course was over Mt. Sano, across town, and to the indoor range about 12miles one way. The weather was normal hot and muggy but I smiled as I kept turning the cranks over to the top of the mountain. The range was not too busy. I shot my hour and came home. Totally doable I started planning my next adventure. Stay tuned and comment on the video that is posted exclusively on Rumble!

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